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中心 & 研究院

Learn more about 的 centers 和 institutes at SUNY Plattsburgh.

SUNY Plattsburgh is committed to student success, career preparation, institutional 和 faculty support, 和 community outreach. 中心, institutes 和 clinics contribute to our overall academic excellence 和 success of our students by providing invigorating re搜索 和 experiential learning opportunities. 

Committed to Student Success

Enriching experiential learning opportunities 和 internships prepare students for real-world situations. 在 Center for Earth 和 Environmental ScienceLake Champlain Re搜索 Institute, for example, students gain valuable insight working with faculty from multiple departments while conducting cutting-edge re搜索 和 projects. 与 Autism Intervention 项目, students have 的 opportunity to make a real difference in our community, helping children with autism spectrum disorders achieve personal goals 和 monitor progress. 在我们的 演讲 和 Hearing Center, students clinicians work directly with individuals with communication disorders 和 hearing loss. 的 克劳德·J. Clark Learning Center is here to encourage 和 support students with all of 的ir academic needs.

Institutional & 教师 Support

教师 和 staff benefit from interdisciplinary re搜索 和 collaboration opportunities. In addition to providing services to persons living with neurocognitive 和 developmental disabilities, Center for Neurobehavioral 健康 also encourages interdisciplinary faculty re搜索 to advance our underst和ing of neurological disorders. 的 Center for Teaching Excellence provides a community of support 和 resources to help faculty think creatively about teaching 和 put pedagogical strategy into action. 和, Early Care 和 Education Center has been providing quality child care to SUNY Plattsburgh faculty, staff 和 students 自1985年以来.

社区 Outreach

Members of our regional community benefit from clinical services provided at 的 Center for Neurobehavioral 健康, Ward Hall Counseling Clinic,和 演讲 和 Hearing Center. Regional small businesses may benefit from 的 North Country Small Business Development CenterCenter for Cybersecurity 和 技术, where students learning to become “cyber warriors” can provide advice on network 和 software security concerns. Children of all ages can exp和ir universe at 的 Northcountry Planetarium, a local staple in space 科学 education 和 enjoyment since 1964.

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